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Beechworth Sparkling Spring Water

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Pack Size: 6 Pack

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‘Twas 1876 when George Billson travelled across the seas to have his well water tested at the World’s Fair in Philadelphia. The event included over 14,000 businesses from 37 countries, and nearly 10 million visitors attended. It was the first time the world had seen Alexander Graham Bell’s telephone and Thomas Edison’s automated telegraph system. George Billson & Sons, Brewers and Maltsters from Beechworth Australia, sailed away with first prize for the purity of their spring water.

The very same pure Alpine spring water, from our beautiful snowy surroundings, drawn from the same red brick well is what we use in our products today. Protected beneath layers of Beechworth granite, Billson’s spring water maintains its historic and legendary purity to this day.

Almost 150 years after being crowned the best water in the world and 5 years after Nathan and Flic took over the business, that same water is now available straight from the source at the Brewery.