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Hello! We’re Nathan and Felicity.

Our Billson’s story began when we stumbled upon a dusty old brewery on a trip to Beechworth. From the moment we walked through the doors, we could see it was full of potential. With a lot of hard work over the last few years, we have brought it back to life. Our greatest joy is seeing flavour enthusiasts from all over Australia coming together in our historic brewery. 
Thank you for being a part of our story. Cheers!

A story about a comeback

Our story is about a comeback, a return to quality and the revival of craftsmanship. We’re committed to local, and believe that sometimes we don’t need to reinvent when we can simply restore.


Join us for a drink or dining experience; stay in our suite accommodation and discover the beautiful town we’ve made our home, Beechworth.

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Billson’s brewery

29 Last St, Beechworth

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billson’s soda bar

37 Camp St, Beechworth

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brewer’s house

3 Finch St, Beechworth